24-Hour Help Line: (406) 245-4472
24-Hour Text Line: (406) 702-0229
24-Hour Support to Women in Crisis

One in Three

It is difficult to believe, but that is the rate women in our region experience domestic violence, sexual assault or harassment. There are hundreds of people in our communities and rural areas who live in fear. They often feel very alone in their situations, and most are unaware that YWCA Billings is here to help formulate a plan for safety and change.

Do you know someone who is experiencing abuse?

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Financial
  • Destruction of property/pets
  • Verbal/Emotional
  • Obsessive electronic communications

You can help!

  • Tell people about YWCA and our services
  • Support our Reaching Every Woman® Project — working together we can reduce the number of times a woman must be hurt before she takes action, or loses her life

Reaching Every Woman®

Informational Outreach lets women who need our help and those who hope to assist them understand that support is available 24/7 at YWCA!

Gateway Donations

You can help YWCA Gateway with donations. Please click here to see a full list of the most needed items.

Are you Afraid?

YWCA Billings offers Emergency and Transitional Services at no cost to victims of domestic or sexual violence.

24-Hour Help Line                406.245.4472
24-Hour Text Line                406.702.0229
Big Horn County                   406.679.5145

24-Hour Help Line
Callers receive information, guidance and support from trained advocates and learn about YWCA’s Transitional Services programs and other community agencies that can help.

Secure Emergency Shelter
Gateway Shelter, staffed 365 days a year, is equipped with a security system. Individuals and families residing in shelter work closely with YWCA staff to plan for their future.

Hospital Accompaniment
YWCA advocates accompany victims of sexual violence, including children, to Billings Clinic for forensic evidence collection exams, 24-hours per day, seven-days a week.

Case Management
Case managers work with participants in developing individualized action plans that address safety, income and housing goals. Weekly sessions guide participants as they achieve their goals.

Employment & Training
Low-income adults receive career guidance as well as assistance accessing higher education or skills training, and help finding full-time jobs.

Legal Assistance
A YWCA attorney provides advice on civil legal issues. Examples include obtaining an order of protection, child custody plans, fair housing, public benefits and more.

Issue-specific counseling is provided by a professional social worker to address the psychological and emotional effects of domestic and sexual violence.

YWCA Billings is committed to providing equal opportunity and access to anyone seeking safety and support provided by its programs.