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YWCA Billings provides life-saving and life-changing services to a remarkable number of individuals. Each one is a real person suffering beyond measure. Through this blog we will share their stories and explain how we help through skilled and compassionate services. We strive to reach every woman who needs our assistance, and those who know women who are in trouble.

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Today we would like you to meet Jody and Tasha

Today we would like you to meet Jody and Tasha

Jody came to YWCA’s Shelter after she was severely beaten and strangled by her partner. She was very depressed due to her children being taken into Child Protective Services custody following the assault. During her 12-week stay, she worked full time, saw a therapist once a week, attended support groups, and completed all required tasks to get her children back.

With help from YWCA’s Housing Navigator Jody qualified for rent assistance and found a three-bedroom duplex where she and the children are starting over.

Jody is among the 250 individuals who were helped in getting through their trauma and moving forward to obtaining safe, secure housing.

Tasha was typically denied access to medical care by her abuser, but when she ended up at the hospital YWCA was able to meet with her. Tasha trembled as options to escape the violence were explained. She felt he would stop at nothing to get her back in his control, including harming their children. The safe shelter and legal support YWCA would provide convinced her to leave. Tasha is now in our safe shelter, has an Order of Protection against her abuser through the help of YWCA’s legal advocate, and is working on making a better life for herself.

Tasha is one of the people YWCA Billings supported in the past year by providing nearly 8,500 nights of safe shelter with
individualized support for their greatest needs.

We hope you share our pride that YWCA has been able to help Jody and Tasha and their children. Look for future postings about other lives we have saved and changed.

If you would like to learn more about our services please visit www.ywcabillings.org. If you know someone who needs our help or who would like to learn more about YWCA Billings, please call 406-252-6303.

Look for future postings about the lives we save and change. Your interest and support mean a lot to us and to those whom we can help by working together!

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You can help these women and children

You can help these women and children

YWCA is on a mission to save, change, and improve the lives of women and children who have had to overcome problems the rest of us never face.

Our services — which are unduplicated in our region — help people transition from violence and poverty to living independently. With our support, families heal from their trauma and start anew.

For more than 22 years YWCA’s Gateway Shelter has provided safe refuge for victims of domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking so that women and children are secure and able to heal on all levels –physical, mental, and emotional. The maximum stay in our shelter is 12 weeks and is free of charge, as are food, toiletries, and supportive services.

Legal services, support for finding housing, professional counseling, case management, skills-building classes, and financial empowerment courses are also provided at no charge. We help families map out and stay on the path that will enable them to be safe and have the jobs and housing they need for a sustainable future.

The most critical measure of our impact is simple. That is the number of individuals who make the final decision to leave their abuser and with the support of YWCA services, move forward to a life free from domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking, and poverty.

We rely on private foundations, corporations, federal grants, and individual donors to assist us in providing shelter, housing, and supportive services.

You can help by going to www.ywcabillings.org/donate or by calling 406-252-6303.