24-Hour Help Line: (406) 245-4472
24-Hour Text Line: (406) 702-0229
Big Horn County: (406) 679-5145
24-Hour Support to Women in Crisis

Transitional Services

YWCA Billings has been saving, changing and improving the lives of women and children for more than 113 years. Our umbrella of Transitional Services help people transition from violence and poverty to having jobs and living independently.

YWCA Billings Employment & Training Center

Case Management

Victims of domestic violence are often unemployed and living in poverty, and find it difficult to escape their violent relationships. YWCA augments safe shelter with case management so victims can obtain skills training, find jobs and housing, and forge a brighter, stronger future.

Legal Assistance

YWCA’s on-site legal support for victims of domestic violence and others who qualify for YWCA programs is provided
by an attorney with specialized knowledge of domestic violence and civil law issues that affect YWCA clients.

Clinical Services

The Clinical Services program offers trauma informed, issue-specific counseling to address the psychological and emotional effects of domestic and sexual violence. Counseling is provided holistically in conjunction with other YWCA services to allow victims to transition successfully from abuse to a life free from violence.

Housing Services

YWCA’s on-site housing support is provided for victims of domestic violence and others who qualify for YWCA programs. This program offers help in searching and securing affordable housing, tenant education, and other case management services related to obtaining and maintaining housing.