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24-Hour Support to Women in Crisis

Transitional Services

YWCA Billings has been saving, changing and improving the lives of women and children for more than 113 years. Our umbrella of Transitional Services help people transition from violence and poverty to having jobs and living independently.

YWCA Billings Employment & Training Center

Case Management

Victims of domestic violence are often unemployed and living in poverty, and find it difficult to escape their violent relationships. YWCA augments safe shelter with case management so victims can obtain skills training, find jobs and housing, and forge a brighter, stronger future.

Legal Assistance

YWCA’s on-site legal support for victims of domestic violence and others who qualify for YWCA programs is provided
by an attorney with specialized knowledge of domestic violence and civil law issues that affect YWCA clients.

Clinical Services

The Clinical Services program offers trauma informed, issue-specific counseling to address the psychological and emotional effects of domestic and sexual violence. Counseling is provided holistically in conjunction with other YWCA services to allow victims to transition successfully from abuse to a life free from violence.

Housing Services

YWCA’s on-site housing support is provided for victims of domestic violence and others who qualify for YWCA programs. This program offers help in searching and securing affordable housing, tenant education, and other case management services related to obtaining and maintaining housing.

Employment & Training

We assist adults with moving forward into economic independency by connecting them to skills training and jobs in a variety
of career areas. These include, but are not limited to: CNA, Administrative Assistant, Activities Director, Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant, Accounting, and Business Administration. Training must lead to a certification, license, or degree.


  • Assessment and Career Counseling
  • Computer Lab and Training
  • One-on-One Case Management
  • Job Search and Interviewing Techniques
  • Tuition and Books
  • Cover letters, Resumes, and Online Applications
  • Connections to Marketable Skills Training
Services are provided at no charge to qualified clients. A limited number of participant slots are available each year and qualifying for the program does not ensure enrollment. We often refer individuals to other agencies who are better able to provide needed services.

YWCA Employment & Training Program FAQs

Can Employment & Training help pay for my college tuition?
Yes, YWCA’s Employment & Training program can assist participants with funding for college tuition, certificate programs, and trade school. The training provider must be on Montana’s Eligible Training Provider List. Contact a case manager for more information regarding the Eligible Training Provider List.

I would like to go back to school but I owe money to the financial aid office for classes I failed in the past. Can you pay the outstanding balance so I can register for the upcoming semester?
No, YWCA’s Employment & Training program cannot provide funds to retake classes or to pay for past due balance or fines.

I am behind on payments such as those for my car and house. Can YWCA’s Employment & Training program cover the amount due?
No, YWCA’s Employment & Training funding cannot be used to pay for anything tied to a loan, including mortgages. While YWCA cannot assist with funds for a car or house payment, it is possible for Employment & Training participants to receive supportive services to help ease the financial burden of catching up on a past due bill.

I have been out of the workforce for many years and my résumé and computer skills need updating. Can YWCA’s Employment & Training program help?
Yes! Case managers can help revamp and update your existing résumé or help to create a whole new one. Case managers can also aid in job searching and improving interview skills. YWCA’s Employment & Training program can also provide funds to assist in paying for computer skills classes.

For additional information call 406.252.6303 and ask to speak to a case manager.